Showcasing C- Suite Leadership Abilities To Land Job Interviews

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What does a C-Suite executive resume feature? What needs to be included or excluded from a C-Suite executive resume? What makes this one different from the rest of the resumes? Well, here are some tips to build the foundation and get you started. You must place yourself in the recruiter’s shoe and create a resume accordingly. If you are a C-Suite executive, then you need a resume that illustrates or exhibits your profit and loss management abilities, business expertise and/or your extraordinary teambuilding, mentoring and leadership capabilities, and others. There is no one size fits all approach to leadership strategy. Everyone has got a different viewpoint and strategy out there. Your strategy is what makes you unique and differentiates you from the others in the competition.

Various studies have indicated that the most successful C-Suite executives display distinguishing behaviours that are critical to high performances at the top levels. Some of it includes embracing calculated risks, visioning, in-depth problem-solving analysis, driving results, influencing, and persuading, managing and organizing, and the list goes on. Make sure to display your skills that directly correlate with the position you are applying for.

Some people often wonder what is a career story and why do we to write one? A career story is a portrayal of your professional life that exhibits your personality and gives the reader some key highlights as in why you have selected a particular professional career path and where do you hope to take it. It is not a career chronology of everything ever done. For those having a long gap in their professional work history, or those who are changing #directions in their professional lives, a well-crafted career story is extremely critical.

Actions speak louder than words. But on a resume, numbers can speak volumes. You know your detailed job reports inside and out, but how does it come across on paper? If you are a senior level professional, you likely have a list of accomplishments to select from. But this does not mean that you must list everything you have ever done. Select the accolades and achievements that highlight the specific results and impacts. This is especially important as a senior level professional, you are probably handling the budgets, departmental goals, or teams, etc. Display your credentials at the top of your resume. To illustrate, “By analysing and implementing proper strategies and investments, over an 8-month period, achieved profits and accelerated revenue of around 42%”.

As a C-Suite executive, it is essential to distinguish yourself from other senior levels of management. The point is at your level, the people you will be competing with for this job will come from various paths. Your resume and your cover letter will have to impress the recruiters. Selecting the most appropriate keywords to narrate your experiences can make a huge impact on a potential employer. Listing your linked in profile link is valuable to the readers as it not only highlights more details but also gives the readers the opportunity to obtain additional information from these sources. The top one-third of your executive resume is critical. It allows you to show the reader at a glance who you are, what have you done and what will you do for them. The information presented in this section needs to be clear, compelling, and concise. Quantified accomplishments-based statements in the experience section showcase’s a true value of the C-Suite executive. For instance, what has been the key impact you have had in each position? Have you delivered stellar profit increases?

C-Suite executives go down the road less travelled. And that makes all the difference. Therefore, you need to have a resume that stands out. If you are ready for a job change, a tailored and customized resume is the one thing you cannot afford to skip at this stage as it helps to decide which strategies to leverage for attracting more interviews and job offers. Often it is a few small changes that can make the biggest impacts!


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