Misconception Of Not Getting Hired Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

getting hired in covid

The Covid-19 Coronavirus went from an outburst to a full-on worldwide crisis. This phase will eventually swoon. We do not know when, and for how much time will it last. But we do know for sure that recruitment does not have to grind to a halt for this crisis to pass. If anything, whenever this outbreak ends, employers will have very less time to recruit candidates and position themselves for the next phase of growth. Instead of panicking or chalking recruitment, and employment up as failed ventures, some employers are considering measures to make sure that their offices and prospective employees are safe from the covid-19 threat.

Networking, Networking, and Networking!!!

Are the employers still hiring amidst this pandemic? When it involves working remotely, the answer would be YES. While job market remains a roller coaster ride, remote job listings are growing steadily since the pandemic began. The pandemic certainly makes the job-hunting process even more stressful. Networking comes to the rescue here by directly contributing to discover the right opportunities. If you would like to spice up your chances of getting hired, you will have to put yourself on radar of those who can really help you land an interview. Various recruiters are sourcing candidates online via social media platforms, online job portals, advanced ATS or recruitment software. This is more apt because contact with the candidates is merely through phone calls, e-mails, or video calls.

Do not stop…Keep moving!

Do you know who gets hired during economic switches? Those who did not end job searching and instead, kept proceeding. Not every industry or company slows down in an economic downturn. People do get hired even when things curtail. Most employers are switching their recruitment process completely online. Online interviews are considerably preferable and convenient in this situation. Nearly all interviews, meeting or conferences are now conducted entirely online. This suggests that the firms are able to recruit candidates without breaking the lockdown rules. Asking candidates to interview remotely has proven to be a commonly well received concept. You should be willing to be open to the long-distance remote work model.

Sssshhhhh….now this is a secret!

Your job strategy should focus on directing your energies only towards quality job applications. Do not attempt to spread yourself out by applying anywhere and everywhere writhing the market. This can be a poorly suited time for that. When jobs are scarce, target the industries that are growing or hiring rapidly. Further within those, take a look at the firms that have robust financials or obvious growth plans. Thousands of employees are hiring despite the pandemic and thousands more are expanding hiring precisely because of the caused demand for their goods and services to surge. The unemployment rate percentage has spiked post lockdown, but it is also true that e-trailers like Amazon and Big Basket are hiring hundreds of people, so as the manufacturers of medical supplies as the demand for their products have increased. As more business are forced to conduct online while adhering to the work from home guidelines, there has been a spike in the hiring of freelancers for content and graphic digital marketing experts, technology and service repair provider companies that cater to their needs.

Hardships do not seem to be exactly about preferences, but about survival. To find your next job in the current market situation, you will have to step out of your comfort zone. For conducting a successful job search, you will have to revamp your job-hunting techniques and practice patience. Job hunting during Covid is challenging, but that does not mean it is impossible though. Hiring speed will either speed up or slow down within a company based on their planning and calculations for the year – not just merely because of a deadly disease. So, rather than panicking, try being patient and keep networking as much as you can.

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