Should I hire a professional resume writer for my resume and are they worth it?

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Searching for a job is an activity all of us have to do at some point in our lives. We all have been through the hectic schedules of making resumes, listing our accomplishments, posting them online, waiting for interview calls, and what not! For some of us, all this becomes even more important and valuable because that new job will help them get settled in life, or pay their bills, live their dreams. However, most of the time, all we get is a waitlist, a rejection, or sometimes nothing at all.

We quip, not all of us are lucky, or today wasn’t my day! Well, in the professional world, luck is a rarity; fortune favors those who pave their own paths! And your path to success starts from you, yourself! The moment you start to portray yourself as a qualified professional, success will follow. How to portray that you ask? Think about the job search schedule; what is the first step?

Your Resume!! Change it for the better & Voila!

How can I make my resume more professional?

Professional Resumes are the hot commodity in today’s industry! Thousands of Hiring Managers get millions of resumes from hundreds of sources, how do they know which ones are better? The first look of your resume tells them! A professional resume is an indication of a qualified candidate, a candidate who seems to be involved in the process and has taken his time, his efforts to file for the said post. A candidate, who has an eye for detail, is sincere in his job and wants to stand out through his capabilities!

To make your resume stand out, there are several options: latest but common samples on the internet, exclusive but plagiarised resumes written by content writers, or client-specific, bespoke, targeted resumes paired with formal cover letters or executive biographies written by experienced, certified, professional resume writers!

Are professional resume writers worth it?

Well, ask yourself the following? Are professional tailors worth? Are professional barbers worth? Are professional Movie Directors worth?

There are always things which you can do, but there is someone who has studied for it, who knows the nicks and knacks of it, who is experienced in it and making a living out of it. He / She can always do that job better than us! Now that answers the capabilities of the professional resume writer.

Do I really need to hire a resume writer?

It often happens that we consider ourselves tailor-made for a job, cover all the eligibility criteria, but still do not get an offer. The main reason behind this is we are not experts in portraying our true selves to the interviewer or the recruiter. Our resume, although lists all our achievements but is still very simple and does not strike to the hiring manager.

Consider this: everybody can write a story, but few are among the elite storytellers in the country, novelists and scriptwriters. Hence each and every one of us can write his or her own resume, but sometimes we do not know the latest trends in recruitment, what is the recruiter like, how he will distinguish amongst thousands of applicants. Is there any standard to follow? A certified professional resume writer answers all of these questions.

They are the ones who can effectively brand your background by emphasizing on your key contributions, thereby making you the 1st choice for the hiring managers. Some of them have also worked previously in a corporate recruiter profile, which gives them a unique perspective to capture and exhibit your talents and accomplishments.

How much does it cost to have someone write your resume?

Costs in services are nothing but an investment, and what better place to invest than yourself, your future! We pay for services we don’t know about. For example, we pay an expert broker who works the hassles and gets us a property, and similarly, we hire an expert to write our resume for us.

Amount invested in an experienced, and  certified resume writer services pays us off dearly in helping us getting the dream job. A typical price bracket for basic resume writing service ranges from ₹5,000 – ₹10,000 that is just around 1% of an annual salary of a typical mid-level candidate. Another calculation is, for example, when a person currently earning INR 15 lacs aims for a salary of INR 20 lacs, each passing day when he does not get the job, he loses INR 1,200 approximately. The amount accumulated by the end of the week constitutes the cost of a resume writer. In simple terms, your cost on a executive resume writing services can be covered back in just seven days of your new job! Even data plans are costlier than that!!

At LN Global Career Resume Services, we provide various resume packages ranging from basic, executive and professional level to sky rocket your career.

How do I find a good resume writer?

When you aspire to become the #1 choice for the job you want, you have to keep in mind a few points to select the top of resume writers.

You are already ahead of the pool when you opt for a top rated professional resume writer, but aim afar and provide your candidature a competitive edge by hiring a prolific writer certified from institutes like CDI and PARW.

A Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) will offer a rich amalgamation of resume writing with impeccable focus on industry-specific prerequisites and accomplishments. They provide a value-added proposition with the highest quality standards and often include guidance and strategies on resume branding processes on social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and other online tools to produce achievement-driven results. You can seek referrals or have a look at some piece of their resume portfolio work.

A good executive resume writer will have an impactful image in the industry hence filtering himself from cheap, cut-rate, online writers. There are CPRWs who are leadership and management executives from fortune 500 companies and have clients in executive, technical, sales, marketing, operations, leadership, and many more roles.

Lastly, the best professional resume writer will have his drafts checked for your consent and approval; they take adequate care for grammar and spellings specific to region or countries. Rest assured, hiring a certified professional resume writer will help you transform your average resume/CV/profile into a document that demands to be read & gain attention.

At LN Global Career Services, we provide one of the best resume writing services being a Certified Master Resume Writer from CDI (USA). Whether you are a student looking to kick start your career with the help of entry level resume or a senior executive with decades of experience in search of career upliftment, we cater to every need through our expert solutions. If you are seeking professional resume writing services in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Kolkata or any cities of India, get a resume done from Chiefresumes to land your dream job.

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