How much do executive resume writing services cost?

How much do executive resume writing services cost?

The PHILOSOPY of understanding the investment in YOURSELF & our PRICING STRUCTURE

“Ultimately, there’s one investment that supersedes all others: Invest in yourself”

Warren Buffet (an American business magnate, investor, speaker, and philanthropist who serves as the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway)

Invest in Yourself: The services I provide, particularly my executive resume writing services, are not just a set of services; they are a strategic investment you make in yourself. Whether it’s crafting a compelling executive resume, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, providing career coaching, or offering interview coaching, the objective is clear: to enable you to earn or save more than what you invest in my services.

This is a bold assertion, but it’s one that I stand by with conviction. However, its true value can only be realized if you, my client, perceive it in the same light. I want you to see the specific value, the tangible benefits you gain from my executive resume writing services. It’s not just about the services rendered, but about the measurable return on your investment. I want you to understand that every dollar spent on my executive resume writing services is a step towards enhancing your career prospects and achieving your professional goals. This is the commitment I make to every client I serve.

The Cost of Cheap: Envision a purveyor of executive resume writing services who proffers their expertise at a “bargain” or “inexpensive” rate. Their ability to charge less is a direct consequence of their minimal investment in the quality of their work. This approach, however, inadvertently crafts their brand identity – delineated by their clients, who fail to secure premier job opportunities due to their “bargain/inexpensive” resumes, and by potential employers, who can effortlessly discern clichéd and unoriginal writing. Their brand becomes tantamount to inferior quality, initiating a downward trajectory.

Such providers of executive resume writing services become inconsequential in the industry. They contribute no innovative ideas, lack presence at professional symposiums, and are devoid of peer referrals. If their substandard work didn’t already besmirch the reputation of our profession, they would be utterly insignificant. This underscores why striving for excellence in providing executive resume writing services is an uncompromising necessity. It’s not merely about upholding industry standards, but about ensuring each client is the recipient of a service that genuinely augments their professional trajectory.

Value Over Cost: The term “cheap” is not one we wish to be associated with, yet it serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of the investment levels we establish and the value we strive to deliver. It underscores the importance of not just the cost, but the quality and value of the services provided.

Our focus is not on being the least expensive, but on delivering the best value for your investment. It’s about ensuring that every dollar spent translates into tangible benefits and measurable results, reinforcing the concept that the true worth of a service lies in its return on investment.

Here’s an example –

Let’s say I write a package for an executive who is currently at $250K annual salary and wants to change his job after three months. His existing contract is valid for another year still. Now, he is expecting an $325 annual salary in a new job. Now consider the opportunity cost calculations and derive how much dollars he didn’t earn each week remaining in his job?


Opportunity cost is the forgone benefit that would have been derived from an option other than the one that was chosen. To calculate the opportunity cost, we need to compare the expected returns of each option. In this case, the options are:

  • Option A: Stay in the current job for another year and earn $250K
  • Option B: Switch to a new job after three months and earn $325K

Assuming that the executive works 52 weeks in a year, the expected returns of each option are:

  • Option A: $250K / 52 = $4,808.33 per week
  • Option B: ($250K / 4) + ($325K / 4 * 3) = $281,250 per year; $281,250 / 52 = $5,408.65 per week

The opportunity cost of choosing option A over option B is:

  • Opportunity Cost = Expected Return of Option B – Expected Return of Option A
  • Opportunity Cost = $5,408.65 – $4,808.33
  • Opportunity Cost = $600.32 per week
  • Opportunity Cost (Month) = $600.32 per week * 4/5 = ~$2400 to $3000
  • Opportunity Cost (Annual) = $600.32 per week * ~52 = ~$32,000.

This means that the executive would miss out on $600.32 per week by staying in the current job instead of switching to the new one. This is the cost of the next best alternative, forgiven.


Our executive resume writing and career documentation services, priced between $500 and $3000, are a reflection of the exceptional value we provide. As a multi-certified executive resume writer, I bring a wealth of expertise and a proven track record of helping executives land six to seven-figure jobs.

At the lower end, the service includes an executive resume overhaul. This is not just a simple rewrite; it’s a strategic repositioning that enhances your personal brand and highlights your executive leadership qualities.

Mid-range services offer a comprehensive personal branding package. This includes a resume overhaul, cover letter creation, and LinkedIn profile optimization. These services are designed to create a cohesive and compelling narrative across all your career documents.

At the top end, the package is our premium offering. It includes all services from the lower tiers, plus executive biography creation, interview coaching, and ongoing career support, along with job search strategy services and resume distribution services.

All packages is designed for senior executives targeting top-tier positions, where the competition is fierce, and the stakes are high. My pricing reflects the time, expertise, and personalized attention that goes into each service. It also factors in the value of the outcome – a powerful personal brand that can open doors to lucrative executive roles. Ultimately, our goal is to provide a return on investment that far exceeds the cost. With our help, clients are not just buying a service; they’re investing in their career success.

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